Our Strategies


Our firm began as an equity shop and equities remain the core of our business today.  Beginning with the initial capital invested by Richard L. Chilton, Jr. in 1992, the firm has evolved from managing one long-short equity strategy to managing numerous strategies across various sectors globally.

Our approach to equities continues to be through value-oriented, fundamental research and disciplined portfolio management. This commitment to deep, fundamental research across the product spectrum underpins a long-term investment philosophy that is a hallmark of our culture. From our beginnings with the initial U.S. equities strategy, we have diversified our equities strategies to encompass a global approach across the U.S. and Europe. Each of Chilton’s global strategies has its own investment guidelines and risk parameters.  Within each strategy, however, we are committed to our goal of providing solid, consistent returns through all market cycles. 

To complement our global scope, Chilton has also developed a quantitative model for investment across a variety of alternative strategies. This model attempts to optimize returns and minimize both volatility and correlation.