Investing Approach

Our goal is to reward and protect our investors by making opportunistic long-term investments based on proactive investment research and a disciplined strategy.

The art of investing, we believe, also requires flexibility and creativity. At Chilton, our reasoned intuition frequently compels us to reach beyond the face value of a company’s story and identify both good and bad business models. Through personal contact and long-standing relationships with corporate management teams, we seek to find companies that are undergoing positive changes in their business models, and to uncover earnings power that may have been previously underestimated. This versatile approach helps keep us from becoming complacent in our investing discipline.

Chilton maintains research expertise in industry sectors where we believe there are enduring growth prospects and attractive valuations. Understanding the ‘story’ of many companies within an industry permits us to draw analogies and to delve into contrasts, helping us to determine which companies have the best and worst business models.